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Clay by SALTO – Security System

Perfect SME Security Systems Clay is a cloud-based electronic locking system modeled for small and medium sized enterprises that allows you to control access to your home, office or anywhere you have this system in place. This state-of-the-art electronic locking system offers flexible and functional access control. It also offers a wide variety of software options from which you can choose. If you are seeking protection from uncontrolled access to places, SALTO tailors your exact requirements and provides you with superb security with the convenience and control you want. ou manage who can have access to any office or building, and when. You can block people, too, at any time. You don’t have to hard wire any building to achieve this, either. These systems all run wirelessly via an access control system that uses distributed intelligence in both the lock and key, communicating wirelessly with PC based SALTO programming software. Clay also allows you to be able to unlock a door’s lock from anywhere using your smart phone. Both cards and locks can be programmed to allow or restrict access to a variety of rooms in any building or home. You can precisely trail information about when and where each....::



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