Safety Lockout Padlocks – Lockwood

The Lockwood 215P Plastic Body Padlock has been specifically designed for the electrical and mining safety lockout industries. Safety Lockout Padlocks – Brisbane, Queensland Lockout devices are used to hold an energy-isolating device in a safe position and to prevent the accidental start-up of machinery or equipment. A Lockout device & padlock should be used along with a tagout device. When specified with a polymer shackle the padlock becomes completely non-conductive allowing for safety lockout within electrical applications. Features Excellent corrosion resistance All components are non-sparking All components are non-magnetic Available in brass, stainless steel and polymer shackles Available in 6 colours Includes write on “Danger” label Meets OH&S guidelines of one employee, one padlock and one key We can also key these to a unique master key system. Call us today on 1800 550 750 for all orders or pricing. Orders shipped with free freight to all Queensland and Northern NSW Locations



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