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School Locking – Card Access Systems

In the near future, all schools and education facilities will have card lock systems. Many Queensland schools both Public and Private have already commenced the conversion to Card Locks. Some schools fully complete and others still progressing. Fully Scalable Card Access Systems The beauty of these new wireless card access systems is that you can start with a single door and continue to build the system as traditional locks fail or new buildings are added. As a Salto Systems Dealer it is our preferred option to help you secure the school. With the ability to lockdown the school with a click of your mouse, keep complete control over who has access to your assets, control energy saving devices and even include lockers or padlocks into your system, this technology is invaluable to both the security of your school and the safety of your staff and students. We have been authorised to visit Queensland schools and evaluate your suitability for a free trial of Salto Card Lock Systems. You will get all required Software, programming devices, cards and physical locks mounted to 3-4 doors as a trial to see if they fulfil your needs for quality and functionality. Call us on 1800....::



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